Agrich  ships seeds worldwide;
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Vegetable seed   Vegetable Seed

Flower Seed   Flower Seed

Herb seed   Herb Seed

Tree Seed   Tree Seed

We offer bulk seeds; use the links above.  Also, we offer Packaged Seed Displays, Reseller Inventory Program, Complete Garden Packages, and more:

Agrichs extensive line of Garden Seeds and Tree Seeds, prepackaged with our nationally known label or available with your label packaging.  Grow your market naturally by stocking  Vegatables, Herbs, Flowers & Trees in wider variety.  Gardeners will beat the path to your door for the rare, unusual, and heirloom seeds that you can provide.  Simply select the display rack (Dealer Displays  Preview Display Racks)   that best suits your needs.  Also check out our popular Survival Packaging Complete Garden Kits ( Dealer Displays  Garden Kits).  And check our Reseller Inventory and Marketing services ( Dealer Displays  Select Program).

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