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  Agrich  ships live plants within the U.S.A.
  Minimum order is only $200 of bare rooted plants or plugs and liners.

CATALOG of Plugs, Liners, Bare rooted Trees & Shrubs



Trees & ShrubsTrees & Shrubs

  We offer a complete line of  plugs and liners.  Give your customers the choices they deserve - boost your sales and inspire them by offering our selection of flowers, herbs, and vegetables.  Time honored favorites can be found, as well as new introductions and selections that are rarely offered commercially.  We choose varieties that thrive not only in pots, but in the garden as well, so the plants look good, your customer's gardens look good and you look great!

OFFER THEM TREES!   We round out our live plant catalog by making available potted and bareroot tree and shrub liners.  These are younger specimens that can be transplanted into fields or containers to maximize your profits.  Check out our long list - everything from acacias to zelkovas, including a long list of larger fruit trees.

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